Taking beautiful pictures of flowers

We recently shared 6 Instagram accounts full of inspiration for flower lovers: each and every one is bursting with gorgeous original flower pictures. So captivating, they could almost make you jealous! But a few tips and tricks are all you need to take your own spectacular pictures of flowers – whether they’re for an Instagram account, to send to a friend, or so you can enjoy your flowers longer yourself. Whatever the reason, these tips can get you off to a good start!

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Bob writes about gift ideas & flower arrangements

This creative guy with his infectious enthusiasm has turned his passion into his work. Read more

Jordy blogs about fairs and events

Cheerful, passionate, ambitious and always in search of interesting events and forms of recreation; that’s Jordy in a nutshell. As far as he’s concerned there will be no shops or restaurants in the near future without plants or flowers. This growing trend makes him very happy. Read more

Hetty blogs about all sorts of care tips and tricks

Hetty is the Anthurium ambassador. All the flowers and plants in Hetty’s home are in perfect condition. How does she do that? Hetty reveals her secrets and shares the best care tips and tricks. Read more

Peter blogs about everything going on in and around the Anthurium nursery

As a passionate modern nurseryman Peter has a clear vision of what durable cultivation should be. His passion comes out in his blog when telling about the origin of the Anthurium, how to give the best care and the vast assortment. Read more

Barbara blogs about DIY and sustainability

This creative all-rounder writes about the most interesting, most inspiring sustainable ideas with flowers and plants: from decorating your own vases with the children to hanging plants in the kitchen. Read more

Carmen blogs about interior trends with flowers and plants

Carmen has three great passions in life; writing, photography and interior design.  So it comes as no surprise to discover that she travels all over the world seeking inspiration in the field of living and interior design trends. Read more