Anthurium: a perfect plant for the workplace

Now that working from home is increasingly the norm for many people, having a healthy and ergonomic workspace there is also important. Plants in your workspace can play a positive role in this. The Anthurium, for example, has a big heart for the business… Recent research by Wageningen University & Research shows that the Anthurium has excellent air-purifying properties, so it positively contributes to a healthy living environment.

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This is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024

Excited to learn about Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024? Each year, Pantone unveils the Colour of the Year, drawing inspiration from trends across industries like interior design and fashion. For 2024, it’s Peach Fuzz: a soft, velvety peach tone that embodies an all-encompassing spirit, enriching the mind, body, and soul. Wondering how to incorporate this Colour of the Year into your interior design? Keep reading for some inspiring ideas
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Love in Bloom: Anthuriums as the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for the ideal flowers to surprise your Valentine with? Or thinking about how to create a romantic atmosphere in your home on the day that celebrates love? Anthuriums are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day, with their enchanting heart-shaped flowers. Find out all the ways Anthuriums are ideal for expressing love and making romance blossom in this blog. From their symbolic beauty to their long-lasting flowers.

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Top 4 Anthurium Gift-Giving Days of 2024

A birthday is, of course, the ultimate moment to give a gift. But it would be a shame if that’s where it ends! There are so many more moments in a year to lift someone’s spirits. And who doesn’t love to be surprised? That’s why in this article, we list 4 holidays in the first half of 2024 that are perfect for surprising someone with an unexpected bouquet or plant. In other words: top 4 Anthurium gift-giving days in 2024!
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This is California Mauve: the Karwei Colour of the Year 2024

California Mauve is the Karwei Colour of the Year 2024! A colour that falls between grey and lilac, winking at the sunny West Coast of America. Are you already tired of the wintry weather and eagerly looking forward to summer? Then this is the colour to add to your interior, as it effortlessly brings the natural holiday feeling into your home. Curious about how to combine the trend colour California Mauve in your interior? Read on for inspiration! Read more

empty spots

From Empty Spots to Lasting Floral Splendour: Flamingo flowers at Madeleine’s

Madeleine’s interior is anything but boring. We adore it. During December, her place looked even more atmospheric than usual. Sadly, once the holidays are behind us and the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree have come down, we end up with some empty spots. In our opinion, we should all fill these spots with Anthurium plants. And so we lost no time in heading over to Madeleine’s to surprise her with beautiful Anthuriums, also known as flamingo flowers.

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Indoor-Outdoor Balance: Anthuriums in Jellina’s Woodland Cottage

Jellina Detmar and her family live in a charming little woodland cottage just outside the Frisian village of Kollum. The cottage is currently undergoing an intensive renovation, mainly under Jellina’s direction, with her husband’s help. Her hands-on mentality is plain to see on her social media, where she can regularly be found while painting or doing odd jobs. We recently surprised her with some beautiful Anthurium plants, which have become an essential part of the indoor-outdoor balance in Jellina’s woodland cottage. She recently shared the results on her Instagram account.

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Out with the Christmas tree, in with the Anthurium plant

The festive season has come to an end; the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights have been stored away, leaving behind a somewhat dreary and empty home. Unwelcoming, isn’t it? But fear not! We’ll turn that space into a green haven. Out with the Christmas tree, in with the Anthurium plant! Read more

DIY disco vase for a dazzling Disco Chic New Year’s Eve

This DIY disco vase will be the eye-catcher of New Year’s Eve! Crafted in no time, it’s the ultimate showstopper for a Disco Chic-themed celebration. Because when it comes to the festive season, it’s not just about sequined and glittery outfits – your living space deserves some glam too. Read on to discover just how effortlessly you can create this disco vase!
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industrial chic

Industrial Chic interior with Anthurium flowers

Michèle, a proud mother of four, lives with her husband Matthijs in a newly built house in Enkhuizen. We recently treated her to some stunning Anthurium flowers – you may have spied them in her industrial chic interior on her Instagram account. It was a good reason for us to get better acquainted.

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3 tips for festive table styling for Christmas with Anthuriums

Christmas is just around the corner, and so are cosy Christmas dinners with friends and/or family. Are you still looking for inspiration to set the table festively? Read on quickly for 3 tips for festive table styling with Anthuriums, Christmas style! Read more

DIY: Christmas ornament arrangement with Anthurium flowers

Bring the Christmas spirit into your home with this ornament arrangement with Anthurium flowers, which you can easily make yourself! Ornaments don’t always have to hang on the Christmas tree; there are many other creative ways to use them. This DIY project is perfect for upcycling old Christmas ornaments. If you don’t have any at home, just take a quick trip to the thrift store. Follow the step-by-step plan below and create your own Christmas ornament arrangement! Read more

Playful Construction

Style trend 2024 Playful Construction: colourful, playful & creative

Every year, the Flower Council develops several style trends for the horticulture sector, in collaboration with Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb, INretail, and Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster. The Green Industry Trends for 2024 consist of four style trends that focus on flowers, indoor plants, and outdoor plants. In this article, we will explore the style trend Playful Construction, which is all about experimentation. Keep reading to get inspired! Read more

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024: Sweet Embrace

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to explore the trends of 2024. In this article, we’ll delve into the Dulux Colour of the Year 2024. It’s a gentle blossom pink, called Sweet Embrace. Curious about how to style this trend colour in your interior? Keep reading for inspiration! Read more

Ms Styling Opts for Colourful Anthuriums

Gerdien Lodewijk of Drachten in the Netherlands regularly gives us a glimpse into her interior, under the pseudonym Mevrouwstyling (Ms Styling). Gerdien prefers a splash of colour over ‘safe white’. So it makes sense that her colourful Anthuriums take pride of place in her living room. Let’s find out more about Gerdien.

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Style trend 2024 Gentle Paradox: contrasting interior

Every year, the Flower Council develops several style trends for the horticulture sector, collaborating with Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb, INretail, and Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster. The Green Industry Trends for 2024 consist of four style trends that focus on flowers, indoor plants, and outdoor plants. In this article, we will explore the style trend Gentle Paradox, which places contrast within interior design at its core. Keep reading to get inspired! Read more

increase natural light

3 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

In the autumn, it gets light much later in the morning and dark much earlier in the evening. This makes the indoors feel quite dark! It’s a good excuse to light some candles and snuggle up with a blanket in the evening, but during the day, light is essential and can do wonders for your mood. Do you want to increase the natural light in your home? Read on for 3 handy tips! Read more