Anthurium: a perfect plant for the workplace

Now that working from home is increasingly the norm for many people, having a healthy and ergonomic workspace there is also important. Plants in your workspace can play a positive role in this. The Anthurium, for example, has a big heart for the business… Recent research by Wageningen University & Research shows that the Anthurium has excellent air-purifying properties, so it positively contributes to a healthy living environment.

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Brown Leaves on Anthurium: Causes and Fixes

Anthuriums boast vibrant blooms and lush green foliage, but it can be concerning to find brown leaves on these plants. If you’re seeking solutions for the appearance of brown leaves on your Anthurium, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the causes behind this issue and discover effective fixes to restore your plant’s health and beauty. Read more

Watering Essentials: 3 Useful Anthurium Care Tips

One of the most common mistakes in caring for Anthuriums is overwatering. Giving too much water to an Anthurium can lead to root rot, which you certainly want to avoid. When should you water an Anthurium? How often? How much? In this article, you’ll find all the answers and tips: watering essentials! Read more

Top 4 Common Mistakes in Anthurium Care

Caring for Anthuriums is generally straightforward, but avoiding common mistakes can make all the difference. This guide will highlight the four most common mistakes in Anthurium care, ensuring you can steer clear of them and keep your Anthuriums thriving.
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Caring for Anthurium flowers in hot weather: 3 essential tips

It’s summer, and the sun is shining brightly—time to enjoy the weather! However, with the rising temperatures, it inevitably becomes warmer indoors as well. And flowers unfortunately aren’t particularly thrilled about the heat. In fact, temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius can cause them to wilt a little faster. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to care for Anthurium flowers in hot weather, so you can enjoy their beauty for as long as possible.

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increase the vase life of Anthurium

How to increase the vase life of Anthurium cut flowers

Anthuriums are strong-cut flowers with a unique long shelf life. They can stay fresh for at least two weeks! However, there are a number of things that you’ll be able to do to increase the vase life of Anthurium cut flowers. Read our best tips in this article! Read more

Where to place an Anthurium? 4 of the best spots

Anthuriums are one of the longest-flowering houseplants. But in order to enjoy them for a long time, they have to be cared for in the right way. An important part of this is choosing the right spot. Wondering what the best location is to place an Anthurium in your house? In this article, we’ll share 4 of the best spots to keep your houseplant! Read more

houseplants thriving during the winter

How to keep your houseplants thriving during the winter

As the season changes outside, your plant care routine should change inside. Houseplants can be affected by several winter stress factors, like temperatures that fluctuate, dry air, and a reduced amount of light. Keep your houseplants thriving by modifying their care during the winter!
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This is what leaves can tell you about a plant’s health

Did you know that you can tell a lot about a plant’s health by looking at its leaves? For example, they can turn yellow, get brown edges, and go drooping or curling. And everything reflects another need. Curious about what leaves can tell you about a plant’s health? Read all about it in this article!
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What to do with an Anthurium with drooping leaves?

You can see a lot from the leaves of an Anthurium plant. Do they have a yellow glow? Then your plant is probably getting too much sunlight and needs to be moved further away from the window. Does your Anthurium have drooping leaves? Then you probably watered it too little or too much. Read our tips in this article! Read more

How do you know when to repot a plant? 2 signs

Repotting is an important part of keeping your plants happy and healthy long-term. It’s inevitable that they will eventually outgrow their containers. Generally, young plants will need to be repotted more often than mature, established plants. But how do you know when to repot a plant? Read our best tips in this article.

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Explained: the difference between direct and indirect sunlight

Anthuriums like to stand in a well-lighted place, but not in direct sunlight. When the plant is positioned in the dark, it will give fewer flowers. But what exactly is indirect sunlight? In this article we’ll explain the difference between direct and indirect sunlight, so you can easily find the best place for your Anthurium!

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3 tips on how to be a great plant-sitter

Summer has arrived and that means the holiday season has started as well. So there’s a good chance someone will ask you to take care of his or her plants while they are on vacation. But make no mistake, a job as a plant-sitter is more important than you may think! Because you don’t want the resident to come home to a house full of dead plants. Therefore, read the tips below, so that this won’t happen. Read more

Can I put my potted Anthurium outside?

Can I put my potted Anthurium outside? It’s a frequently asked and logical question. Because despite the fact that it’s a houseplant, you may also want to enjoy it outside. Especially in the summer! In this article you can read whether it’s best to put Anthuriums indoors or outdoors. Read more

The plant shelter: the place to bring your dying plant to revive it

Do you have a dying plant at home? Don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to the best of us. Too much water, too little sun, too close to the heating: there are many reasons why your plant may be dying. But don’t throw it away! There is a special place you can bring it to: the plant shelter. Read more

plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

6 plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

Have you bought a plant but no idea which plant it is? Or are you curious about the care or name of a specific plant? Have you ever thought about a plant app? There are several apps that help you identify a name, provide more information, or help you take care of it.  Read more

The easiest plant watering hack including a chopstick

The easiest plant watering hack including a chopstick

We recommend watering Anthurium plants about once or twice a week in the summer. In the winter period, once is sufficient. But not every plant is the same, and needs water at the same time. Therefore it’s important to always check your plant before watering it. Because you don’t want to overwater it! Do you find it difficult to determine whether your plants need water? We have the easiest plant watering hack for you. Read more