Summer has arrived and that means the holiday season has started as well. So there’s a good chance someone will ask you to take care of his or her plants while they are on vacation. But make no mistake, a job as a plant-sitter is more important than you may think! Because you don’t want the resident to come home to a house full of dead plants. Therefore, read the tips below, so that this won’t happen.

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How to be a great plant-sitter

First of all: never say yes right away when you are asked to be a plant-sitter. First, ask what this task entails for that person and how many plants he or she has. Some people have only one or two plants and just want them to get a splash of water, while others live in an urban jungle full of special plants that all have their own care instructions. Make sure your expectations match.

Second: ask the one going on holiday to place all the plants together before departure, so that you don’t have to look for plants all around the house. This saves you time and the risk of overlooking a plant. In addition, the plants can create a higher humidity together, and they love that!

And third, always check a plant’s soil before watering it. Often people water plants without checking if the soil is dry, which quickly overwaters the plants and can cause the roots to rot. In the video below you can see a handy trick to find out if a plant needs water or not:


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