With the proper care and optimum conditions, a healthy Anthurium has glossy, heart-shaped leaves. Sometimes, however, its leaves can become discoloured, take on a different texture and look rather dull. In this blog you’ll find the best solutions for discoloured leaves.

What to do with discoloured leaves

Brown leaf margins and leaf tips

Does your Anthurium have brown leaf edges? Then she gets too much or too little water. Before watering, it would be best to check the potting compost. If the potting compost feels fairly dry, the Anthurium could use a splash of water; if the potting compost feels moist, however, this can wait another week.

Yellow leaves

If the leaves develop a yellowish tinge, the Anthurium is probably getting too much sunlight. In this case, place the plant about a meter further away from the window.

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Shrivelled or wrinkled leaves

This means that your Anthurium is not receiving enough water. During the summer, give it a glass of water a week; in the winter, this should not be more than half a glass. Instead, you could put about six ice cubes on the surface of the potting compost every week. This way, you can be sure that your plant is getting enough water.

Enlarged, yellow or brown leaves

If your Anthurium plant is getting enlarged, yellow or brown leaves, it means that it is receiving too much plant nutrition. So limit yourself to giving just water for a while. It’s better to provide too little than too much plant nutrition. If you want to repot or fertilise your plant, the best time to do this is in the spring. The warmer days and more sunlight will ensure the stimulation of bud formation at this time of year. For this purpose, apply a special Anthurium fertilizer. The package will provide information about the right amount to use; never exceed the amount stated on the packaging.

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Green flowers

If new flowers appear but they remain green, the Anthurium is receiving too little light, so place it somewhat closer to the window. Spent flowers and old yellowed leaves can safely be trimmed away since once the old leaves and flowers turn colour, the Anthurium will simply produce more flowers.

If you would like to know more about caring for your Anthurium plant, check our FAQ.