With the right care and regular fertilization, the Anthurium plant produces new flowers throughout the year, but generally flowers for about three months. After three months, its cycle starts again. In the winter the plant generally has fewer flowers, but once the sun shines more, the Anthurium wakens from its hibernation and it will flower more. Just like us actually. When the plant has shiny leaves and is producing new flowers, you can assume that they are enjoying favourable conditions and will flower for many years.

Producing new flowers

If your Anthurium doesn’t produced flowers for a while, you can do the following. Put your plant in a light (lighter) position, water no more often than once a week and you could give a little extra plant feed. In early spring stop giving plant feed for six weeks to two months and slightly less water. When it gets warmer and sunnier, you start giving a bit more water and start feeding again. This generally ensures quite quickly that the Anthurium produce new flowers. Firstly you will see a leaf followed by a new flower.