Have you bought a plant but no idea which plant it is? Or are you curious about the care or name of a specific plant? Have you ever thought about a plant app? There are several apps that help you identify a name, provide more information, or help you take care of it.  We listed the best plant apps! That saves you a lot of time searching on the internet or in the garden center!

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6 Plant apps

1. PlantNet

What Shazam is for music and media, PlantNet is for plants. If you upload a picture you’ve taken of a plant, PlantNet will recognise it and provide you instantly with more information about it. This app has information about more than 6000 kinds of plants and keeps adding more every day. You can even help by sharing your own pictures and information with PlantNet. Sharing is caring!

2. Plantifier

But what if you can’t find the name of your houseplant or garden plant on PlantNet? Then it’s time to upload your picture to Plantifier. Instead of having its own database of plants for image recognition, Plantifier takes advantage of the knowledge of other plant lovers. In this case, however, you’ll probably have to wait to get your answer.

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3. PlantSnap

With PlantSnap you can identify in a blink of an eye all sorts of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and much more. Besides that, you can learn how to grow and take care of your plants and you can discover all kinds of new exotic plants from all over the world. Also nice: with PlantSnap you can see all sorts of plants in your own neighborhood. This way you can find out what plants grow in your own environment and this app will help you to go out and explore.

4. Plantsome

Plantsome makes it impossible to forget to water your plants on time. This app has an enormous number of plants in its database. Simply enter the names of the plants you have, how tall they are, and how close they are to a window. Plantsome uses this information to calculate how often and how much water the plant needs per day and then reminds you to provide it on time. What could be better?

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5. MyGarden

MyGarden is a plant encyclopedia and a must-have app for every plant lover’s smartphone. This app provides a chronological list of popular plant species and lets you enter the plants you have. The name of every plant is accompanied by one or more photos and detailed information such as plant height, plant family and care instructions. The Tasks tab leads you to information about what kind of care your plant(s) need and when this should be done.

6. PictureThis

This app doesn’t only find the plant you are looking for, it also helps you with the right care tips. You will receive a notification if your plant needs water or nutrition. It even indicates if you have bought a plant that is susceptible to a plant disease. That way you know exactly what you’re getting. And do you love to share your plant collection with other people? You can also do that via this app! Good to know: this app is free for 1 week, after that you pay € 19.99 per year.

These are our favourite plant apps! Actually, we also consider Instagram as a kind of plant app since its plant community is so big! Are you following @AnthuriumInfo yet?


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4 plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant