Flowers are a great way to brighten up a room, but they aren’t one-size-fits-all. Sure, you can throw any flower arrangement in a random vase. But you can make a real impact by matching the right vase for the right flowers. Even with just a few simple blooms! How? That depends on the types of flowers and arrangements you’re working with. Read all about it in this article!

How to choose the right vase for the right flowers

A tall vase

A tall vase with a narrow opening is used for large flowers with long stems. Usually, this is a bigger vase, which you can place on the floor. Tall vases can be found in a fun playful shapes and are best for showcasing a few long-stemmed flowers or decorative branches.

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A cylindrical vase

The cylindrical vase has an elongated, cylindrical shape. The wide neck makes it the ideal vase for a beautiful bouquet. And the tubular shape keeps the stems bundled together, making them less likely to break.

Flower arranging using Anthurium flowers: 3 ideas
Photo: Anthura

A narrow-mouthed vase

A narrow-mouthed vase is perfect for showcasing a single stem with a large bloom, such as the Anthurium. If you don’t have any to hand, a pretty empty liquor bottle will work just as well! Prefer more flowers than just one? A collection of narrow-mouthed vases in various sizes are a great way to decorate your interior, as in the example below:

Zo maak je een tropisch zomer-arrangement met anthuriums
Photo: Diyou

A miniature vase

The miniature vase is ideal for flower buds that have broken off their stems. That way you don’t have to throw them away! But of course, you can also cut the stems to make them fit the miniature vases. If you don’t have any at home, a collection of jam jars will work just as well. A mismatched assortment of miniature vases is a great way to decorate the dinner table!

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