Some bottles are so pretty, it’s almost a waste to throw them away when they’re empty. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because you can upcycle glass bottles into vases! Rinse the bottles well with water, soak the labels off, rub the bottles dry and get started with a beautiful composition! In this article we’ll give you some tips.

Upcycle glass bottles into vases

Collect pretty bottles

Collect your most beautiful empty bottles for this DIY, preferably in different shapes, heights and materials. The more bottles, the bigger the composition. Do you have a nice bottle with a little bit of liquor left in it? Perhaps you can pour this into a temporary other bottle. All for the looks, right?

From bottle to vase

Once you’ve rinsed the bottles, remove the labels. Rub the bottles dry and fill them with a layer of water.

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Determining the composition

Then place the vases where you want them, and play with the composition. With asymmetry you create balance, so for example use an odd number and place them together in little groups. It can be a playful composition, so you don’t need a tray to place them on.

Flowers in all shapes and lengths

Use flowers with long stems so you can cut them into the desired length. For a playful composition it works well to combine different lengths, especially with the flowers that are in a vase together. Also pay attention to different shapes and colors, so that it matches together. In the end you’ll have a composition that you will never get tired of!

Flessen upcyclen naar vazen

Take the video below as an example:

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