Anthuriums are beautiful in their own way and available in many color variations. Nevertheless, there is a new floral trend where we can add even more colors to the color palette: holographic Anthuriums! This opens up a whole new world and the combinations are endless. We have listed the most beautiful creations.

Holographic Anthuriums

Wedding floral designs with royal blue flowers, flowers in the colors of a country, bouquets in gold and silver tones. Everything is possible. Dyeing flowers has been happening for years, but it has never been more popular than it is today. You can create a unique bouquet, especially in combination with dried flowers, green leaves and pastel-colored flowers, like these:

How it’s done

The flower can be immersed in a dye bath or the paint can be injected in the stem. In case of the newest floral trend – holographic Anthuriums – the flowers are sprayed in different colors. This way you can go all the way in terms of color combinations. Here are a few special ones:

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This is called “Spiceworld on repeat alllll day”

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