Last year, trend watcher Aafje Nijman presented the three style trends for 2019 that she developed together with the Flower Council Holland, Tuinbranche Nederland, and iBulb. The umbrella term applying to all three trends is ‘Cutting Strings’, since changes are happening so rapidly that ties with old habits will have to be cut.In a series of three articles, we’re going to give you more details about each of these trends, starting with ‘Soft Landing’.

The Soft Landing style trend

‘Soft Landing’ applies to how we settle into society, and especially into our own living environments. With so much chaos in the world around us, we appreciate a soft, inviting, and attractive home even more. It should be a place where we feel safe and snug.

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Photo 2: Draad & Spijker

Home decor

Harmonious pastels, rounded shapes, and soft materials would be good choices for decorating the home with this style trend in mind. Materials will have an inviting look; good examples would include quilted materials and shaggy furs such as unshorn sheepskins. Shapes are soft and rounded with pleasing curves. It’s as if a room is one big, soft pillow that you could simply flop right into.

Flowers and plants also play a major role in this soft, inviting environment. Foliage plants with fuzzy leaves, finely textured leaves, or softly fringed flowers will reinforce this soft look. Cut flowers will have soft, billowing flower shapes or very finely textured little flowers that resemble fluffy clouds.


Use of colour

The right colours for ‘Soft Landing’ are pastels, but not in overly cute colours. These pastels can also be combined with creamy tints like light lilac and flesh tones. If you’d still want to add a bit more colour, think about a soft orange.

Color palette Soft Landing


The garden, too, can follow this soft trend by including appropriate plants that suggest an ultra-soft look. Moss, fluffy grasses, flowering shrubs and fuzzy leaves make a garden feel even more comfortable and soft. This makes a garden the perfect place to walk around barefoot.

Garden furniture will also have a soft, pillowy look. What about big overstuffed cushions, inflatables, garden throws, sheep and goat skins, and a semi-transparent awning? Soft but not overly cute colours are also just the thing for the garden.


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