The year 2019 is not so new any more, but fortunately that doesn’t mean it’s too late for resolutions. You can make them any time you want, especially when plants are involved. We’ll discuss three green resolutions for 2019 that are fun and good for you:

More green in your home

People who are surrounded by flowers feel less stressed and more relaxed. That is the conclusion of The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study, the leading research into the effect of flowers on people. The head researcher of the study explains: ‘Not only do flowers make people happier than we had expected, they also have a very beneficial effect on our emotions.’ Introducing more green into your home is an easy way to cheer yourself up and relax.

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More green in your office

And the same applies to your office! Houseplants not only provide oxygen and ambiance, but some – like the Anthurium – can also purify the air. An important advantage of these plants is that they can help prevent complaints such as headaches, dry eyes, respiratory problems, dizziness and concentration problems. These are common complaints in the workplace. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a lot of green to your office! This article inspires you to do just that!

Photo: Lechuza

Make looking after your plants a routine

Do you secretly forget to water your plants regularly? You are definitely not the only one, this happens to all of us. But if you make watering your plants into a routine, you’ll be less likely to forget. And it will become more fun! Set aside some time every week, for example on a Sunday morning. Put on some good music, take a close look at each plant, remove dry leaves and water where necessary. Also check whether your plants have become too big for their pots. This article will tell you how to repot an Anthurium. Your plants will show their gratitude by flourishing, which will make you even happier. A win-win situation!

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