Did you know that houseplants not only add oxygen to the air but that some of them – like the anthurium – can also purify the air? An important advantage of plants is that they purify the air and can thus help prevent complaints such as headaches, dry eyes, respiratory problems, dizziness and problems with concentration – complaints that commonly occur in office environments. No wonder it’s a good idea to put more plants on your desk. This article inspires you to do just that!

Plants that purify the air

NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, conducted a study a number of years ago intended to discover the best methods of filtering the air in a space station. The findings showed that certain houseplants could neutralise toxic substances by means of natural processes. This results in cleaner and fresher air!

The researchers measured the levels of benzine (a chemical found in glues, paints, plastics and detergents), trichlorethylene (found in solvents used in various synthetic materials) and formaldehyde (a gas used in the production of leather, carpets and other products) in a room. They took measurements both before and after placing plants in the room. What did they learn? Anthuriums are incredibly effective at removing formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air.

Decorate your desk with anthurium plants

Convinced? Time to take action! First, remove everything from your desk and move your monitor or laptop to the right. This not only gives you room for your plants but also keeps you from being distracted. Next, arrange a little group of anthurium plants from large to small on the left side of the desk. This does two things: mentally, having something beautiful to look at lifts your spirits, and physically, it helps you concentrate and reduces complaints such as headaches, dry eyes, respiratory problems and dizziness.

Inspiration: anthurium plants on your desk

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Anthuriums are very easy to care for. They demand so little to remain attractive for so long! Read about the best way to care for your desk-top anthurium plants here.