Here’s another exciting Instagram tip for you: Ikkewonen, Marike’s Instagram channel. Marike is a talented florist who shares her love for interior design with her followers. Her unique and creative interiors reflect her personality. Recently, she received a stunning bouquet of cut anthuriums to arrange. They effortlessly complement her home’s style, adding a touch of natural elegance.

Tall and Short Arrangements

Minimalist and Functional

Marike’s contemporary interior design style is best described as Scandinavian Japandi with an individual twist. Instead of a house with loads of accessories, furniture and frills, this home is minimalist and functional. Marike has created a warm and soothing atmosphere with the soft shades and natural hues she favours. The ‘individual twist’ is created by, for example, DIYs and thrift store finds. When Marike, who is a florist, isn’t at work, she usually doesn’t sit still. She likes to do fun things with the kids, putters around in the house, does projects with her husband and is, of course, active on social media. She gets plenty of decor inspiration online and shares her creations from her own home.

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The cut Anthuriums that Marike received are perfectly tailored to her interior: soft pastel shades and whites. Marike: “The flowers come into their own beautifully within the Scandinavian Japandi interior style. Needless to say, the flower colour determines this to a large extent, but the leafless stems also make for a minimalist look. In any case, I love that Anthuriums stay beautiful in the vase for weeks.”

Tall and Short Arrangements
Image: Ikke Wonen

Since Marike adores flowers, she gave the bouquets an individual twist. Marike: “You can combine Anthuriums very nicely with other flowers. I put them in a vase with white Agapanthus, peach Brompton stock (Matthiola), French tulips and ornamental grasses. This combination gives the bouquet an extra playful look. The bouquet also keeps a sense of airiness if you don’t add too many flowers to the vase.”

Tall and Short Arrangements

Anthuriums provide height in a vase, but if you cut the stems short, you can also make lower floral arrangements with them. Marike: “That’s why I also created an arrangement in a bowl. It starts with a block of floral foam. You start by getting it soaked with water and then arrange the flowers in it. Cut a piece off the stems at an angle. I opted for a combination of Anthurium, Agapanthus, Matthiola, Gerbera and ornamental grasses. The colours and flower shapes merge nicely. In contrast to the airy bouquet in the vase, this flower bowl looks quite compact. That’s the secret to a low flower arrangement. I give the flower arrangement a generous splash of water about once a week.”

Images: Ikke Wonen

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