Giving someone a bouquet is always a good idea, whether it’s for a birthday, a special occasion, or just because. But what is it about flowers that bring a smile to someone’s face? Read on for four reasons why we feel happy when we see flowers!

Why do we feel happy when we see flowers?


Colour has a positive effect on your mood. The brighter the bouquet, the happier you become! Opt for vibrant colours for more energy in the house or soft hues to create a calming environment. Blue flowers, on the other hand, can boost your creativity – perfect for your home office!

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The scent of flowers

Scents can work magic! A pleasantly scented flower can bring you into the present moment or evoke beautiful memories. Think of lavender, reminding you of a holiday in France. Or thyme, transporting you to Italy. Each flower has its scent!

happy when we see flowers

Flowers speak louder than words

Sometimes in life, words fall short. Yet a bouquet can still bring a smile to someone’s face. Because flowers speak louder than words. A floral gesture says it all!

A moment for yourself

Buying flowers at the local flower store is a joy in itself, but arranging them beautifully at home is just as enjoyable. Selecting a lovely vase, trimming the stems, arranging the flowers one by one, and then finding a perfect spot in the house. A delightful moment of happiness!

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Delighted by Flowers

The vibrant colours and delightful scents of flowers stimulate your senses and instantly uplift your mood. Therefore, place a few loose flowers throughout the house – at the entrance, in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, on your nightstand, etc. Anywhere you spend time or pass by! You’ll find yourself delighted each time.