You probably already knew that Anthuriums come in all kinds of colors. You can choose from pink, orange, purple, yellow, salmon, brown and even black. But how do you style these colorful Anthurium flowers? In this article we’ll share a few tips!

How to style colorful Anthurium flowers

Start by choosing Anthuriums in the colors you want to use. Are you going for red, purple, brown or another color? They can be nice and colorful so that they will stand out. Choose a few different types of greenery too, which we will use as a basis. Examples include eucalyptus, wig tree, beech and olive branches. Then look for one or more vases in earth tones. This way, we’ll create a calm base and the colorful Anthurium flowers will be the eye-catchers.


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Flower arranging

Remove the flowers from the packaging, sort them by type and cut about 5 cm from the bottom of the stems at an angle. Don’t cut them all to the same length, because for a playful composition it works well to combine different lengths. Also, remove the leaves from the stems that touch the water. Then start to build the bouquet. First divide the different types of greenery over the vases, and add the Anthurium flowers. In the end you’ll have a composition that you will never get tired of!


How to style colorful Anthurium flowers

Watch this video too, for more inspiration on how to style colorful Anthurium flowers:


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