The anthurium is available in many different colours, including typical autumn shades. Think of burgundy red, purple, green, ochre yellow, and dark orange. By placing these in your home, you can instantly create an autumn atmosphere! Feeling creative and want to make a fun autumn DIY? Keep reading for autumn inspiration with Anthuriums!

Autumn inspiration with Anthuriums

Pumkpin plant pot

Autumn stands for pumpkin season. You can use them in many ways, like a pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spiced latte. But you can also use them to make a plant pot! In this video, you’ll see how to do it:


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An autumn bouquet

An autumn bouquet is the perfect way to bring autumn colours into your home. Anthuriums are available in all autumn colours, so you can choose your favorites. How about burgundy red, ochre yellow, or brown? Make sure to have a mix of flowers in different types, sizes, and heights for a beautiful effect.

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Autumn inspiration with Anthuriums

Anthurium kokedama

When we think of autumn, we think of forest walks, autumn leaves, and pinecones. Something that goes well with that is a kokedama. This literally means ‘moss ball’ in Japanese. It’s a special Bonsai technique where the roots of a plant grow in a ball of moss. It may sound a bit complicated, but in reality, the plant’s root ball is simply wrapped in moss instead of being in a pot. And that immediately looks much more special!

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Image: Leliedesign

More autumn inspiration with Anthuriums: