From September onwards, life moves from outdoors to inside. The perfect moment to give your interior a new boost. How do you create a warm, lively atmosphere in your home in no time? With Anthuriums in autumn colours!

Bring that outdoors feeling inside with Anthuriums in autumn colours

Natural tones

One of the advantages of Anthuriums is that you only need a few stems to make a big impact. One example is a creation that uses a giant, dried allium (available from quality florists) as the basis. Add a few colourful Anthuriums: the heart-shaped flowers will provide a breathtakingly beautiful fireworks display. Make sure to match the colours: use natural tones for a soothing feeling. Displayed on a pedestal, Anthuriums get the attention they deserve and really become a sight to behold. To pull this off, it is best to use the larger varieties with extra long stems so that they tower high above the vase.

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Less is more

Just a few of these Latin American beauties feel like a complete bouquet – and one that you can enjoy for a long time. For a nice change, group small and larger varieties together. Some spathes can easily reach a diameter of 25 cm, so you can achieve a grand effect with only a few stems.


Haal het buitengevoel naar binnen met anthuriums in herfsttinten

The exotic side of plants

The mix of beautiful ton-sur-ton shades fits particularly with the exotic trend. You can easily combine yellow and green, for example, or create a flower arrangement in various shades of red, orange and brown. Always cut the flower stems diagonally and change the water once a week. This will help them last for 2-3 weeks.


Haal het buitengevoel naar binnen met anthuriums in herfsttinten

With hundreds of available varieties and dozens of ways to arrange them, you have so much choice!

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