Is there a baby on the way? If so, you’re probably thinking about decorating a baby’s room. One of the latest trends is the “botanical” baby’s room. But how can you create one? Here are four inspirational ideas that will have your little bundle of joy growing up in an urban jungle.


Plants might not be the first thing you think of when furnishing a nursery but they can make a really fine addition. After all, what better way to create a genuinely botanical look? To do this, make a little cluster of plants by placing a tall plant on the floor next to an anthurium plant on a wooden stool. This adds instant colour to the room and starts it on its way to becoming an urban jungle. The perfect choice just might be the anthurium Lilli® ; its pastel pink colour immediately adds a soft and gentle touch to a baby’s room.

Photo: Anthura

If floor space is at a premium, however, try hanging a number of plants in a macramé plant hanger. Another idea that really brightens up a room is to hang up a number of plants in a little bag.

Wicker furniture

To enhance the botanical look, choose furnishings made of wicker. These could include a rocking chair or a cradle. An attractive basket will also add a lot of charm to the room, and it’s also a great way to organise various items.

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Botanical wallpaper

If plants and wicker furniture aren’t enough, consider a botanical wallpaper. It might be one with palm trees or other plants but could also be an animal print to make it just right for a nursery!

Cuddly toys

The finishing touch for a nursery, of course, will be a number of animals. Cuddly toy animals, that is. You could also soften the floor with a fluffy fake fleece.

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