The urban jungle trend was a big hit last year but it’s still going strong this year. You see it particularly in living rooms because that’s where you usually spend most of your time and can enjoy it most. But have you ever thought of turning your bathroom into an urban jungle? It’s just that little bit more original than in a living room and will make your shower or bath session even more relaxing. This article gives you a number of tips for creating your own urban jungle in your bathroom.

What is an urban jungle?

The urban jungle trend seeks to emphasise the contrast between the natural world of green plants and what is generally considered an urban look. It’s like bringing the natural world indoors. This is especially nice if you don’t have a garden or balcony, but even if you do! After all, houseplants make any room look more inviting, they create a sense of serenity, they purify the air, and they add oxygen to an indoor environment. Houseplants have many advantages! And in the bathroom, having all those plants around makes you forget any worry you might have. It’s just like being on holiday!

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Plants in the bathroom?

You might think plants wouldn’t survive in a bathroom with its damp and usually dark environment. But some plants simply love these conditions! The Anthurium, for example, simply loves the heat. These plants actually prefer a high humidity, so they’ll feel right at home in a bathroom.

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Since a bathroom is usually a dark and damp room, you wouldn't usually think of adding a plant to it. Yet certain plants – like the Anthurium – actually like these conditions. Having plants around while bathing makes you forget any worry you might have. In our newest blog (link in bio) you'll find the most gorgeous urban jungle bathrooms. Check it out and share your own urban jungle! Tag @anthuriuminfo and we might repost your picture. — #fanthurium #anthurium #anthuriumflower #inspiration #instaflowers #flowers #flowerlovers #flowersofinstagram #decorationinspiration #instagood #inspiratie #plants #instaplant #flamingoplant #plant #green #mooiwatplantendoen #mooiwatbloemendoen #funnyhowflowersdothat #thejoyofplants #plantsofinstagram #plantstrong #plantstagram #urbanjungle #interieurstyling #plantstyling

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Tips for creating an urban jungle in your bathroom

The urban jungle trend emphasises the use of green houseplants: few flowers but lots of green leaves. Combine an odd number of both large-leaved houseplants and smaller plants. This will create a more jumbled look so typical of a real jungle. For a whimsical effect, try placing a tall houseplant next to a much smaller one on a little wooden stool and hanging a trailing plant next to that. To perfect the urban jungle look, combine the plants with other items made of natural materials such as wood, wicker and bamboo. Colours should also be limited to greens, earth tones, white and grey.

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