Taking beautiful pictures of flowers

We recently shared 6 Instagram accounts full of inspiration for flower lovers: each and every one is bursting with gorgeous original flower pictures. So captivating, they could almost make you jealous! But a few tips and tricks are all you need to take your own spectacular pictures of flowers – whether they’re for an Instagram account, to send to a friend, or so you can enjoy your flowers longer yourself. Whatever the reason, these tips can get you off to a good start!

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Carmen shows you all the things you can do with plants and flowers in the home. The possibilities are endless and for that you really don’t need to have green fingers!

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This creative all-rounder writes about the most interesting, most inspiring sustainable ideas with flowers and plants: from decorating your own vases with the children to hanging plants in the kitchen. All about green issues, and easy reading.

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As a passionate modern nurseryman Peter has a clear vision of what durable cultivation should be. His passion comes out in his blog when telling about the origin of the Anthurium, how to give the best care and the vast assortment.

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Hetty is the Anthurium ambassador. All the flowers and plants in Hetty’s home are in perfect condition. How does she do that? Hetty reveals her secrets and shares the best care tips and tricks.

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Cheerful, passionate, ambitious and always in search of interesting events and forms of recreation; that’s Jordy in a nutshell. As far as he’s concerned there will be no shops or restaurants in the near future without plants or flowers. This growing trend makes him very happy.

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This creative guy with his infectious enthusiasm has turned his passion into his work. Right from a young age Bob was passionate about plants and flowers; and he’s now been the owner of a flower shop for more than 15 years.

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3 tips to help your plants survive your holidays

3 tips to help your plants survive your holidays

If you love your plants, going on holiday is always a bit of a concern. How can you help them survive while you’re away? You certainly don’t want to return to a dead urban jungle. Fortunately, you can do a number of things to avoid this. (more…)

Flower Parade Rijnsburg: 10th of August

Flower Parade Rijnsburg: 10th of August

Music, show and over a hundred beautifully costumed actors. That is Flower Parade Rijnsburg! (more…)

Is it beneficial to have plants in a bedroom?

Is it beneficial to have plants in a bedroom?

People used to think that having plants in a bedroom wasn’t such a good idea since plants release oxygen during the day but absorb it at night. (more…)

Anthurium plants in the kitchen

Plants in the kitchen? 5 inspiring examples

If we could, we’d have plants all through the house. In the living room, of course, but also in the hall, the bedroom and the bathroom. And why not in the kitchen as well? (more…)

4 DIY ideas for Mother’s Day that use Anthurium flowers and plants

12 May is Mother’s Day! It’s the perfect occasion to remind your mother of just how much you appreciate her.  (more…)

6 distinctive plant pots for your anthurium plant

6 distinctive plant pots for your Anthurium plant

Once you buy a plant, you probably put it straightaway into a plant pot that you already have and leave it at that. A pot’s a pot, right?  (more…)

Give your home a spring update

Give your home a spring update

Spring is here! The first rays of sunshine are peeking through the clouds and we’re all getting a case of spring fever. Now that the spring cleaning is all done, it’s time to spruce up your home with a new look – including fresh flowers and plants. (more…)

Inspiration for a baby's room with botanical flair

Inspiration for a baby’s room with botanical flair

Is there a baby on the way? If so, you’re probably thinking about decorating a baby’s room. One of the latest trends is the “botanical” baby’s room. But how can you create one? (more…)

5 must-have plant books for every plant lover

Whether you’re a diehard plant lover or you’ve just discovered your green fingers, it’s always nice to read about plants, gather new ideas and imagine adding even more plants to your home. (more…)

Good reasons to have more plants on your desk

Did you know that houseplants not only add oxygen to the air but that some of them – like the anthurium – can also purify the air?  (more…)

December 2018: Anthurium Houseplant of the Month

Powerful appearance, attractive to see and timelessly beautiful: the Anthurium is the kind of roommate that you’ll never get bored of! An exotic plant with her shiny leaves and colored bract, that bring back both a classic and a modern interior to life. (more…)

6 distinctive plant pots for your anthurium plant

Give any room a colourful exotic look by introducing plants to brighten up the autumn season

It’s easy to make your own unique exotic still life. Simply put a number of gorgeous anthurium plants in different pots and then arrange them together on a pretty cabinet. (more…)

The Wunderkammer

Experience the autumn with anthuriums at the new multi-sensory event by The Wunderkammer

Florists and stylist collective The Wunderkammer has been recognized for the last ten years by their Shop for a Weeks in Amsterdam and after the twentieth edition last May, they introduce new experience concept in November 2018 PRESERVED: Saving Beauty.  (more…)

6 beautiful ways to display your plants

You simply used to put a plant in a planter, and that was it. Today, there are so many great ways to display your plants that an ‘ordinary’ planter could look pretty boring indeed. (more…)

create a mini urban jungle in your home

How to create a mini urban jungle in your home

Anyone who loves plants will tell you that you just can’t have enough of them. But where can you find space to display them all to perfection? This is where we come in: here’s a suggestion on how to create a mini urban jungle in your own home! All it takes is a few tips and tricks. (more…)

plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

4 plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

Nowadays, we do a lot more with our phones than just calling and texting. We use them to take and share pictures, keep track of our schedules, take notes, play games, etc. Now, there’s yet another use for them: plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant! (more…)

5 nifty plant stands for under €30

5 nifty plant stands for under €30

If you have lots of houseplants, it’s nice to display them in various ways and places. You could place them on a little stool, a bench or a shelf, but what about a plant stand? (more…)

5 plants for a better night's sleep

5 plants for a better night’s sleep

More and more people are suffering from sleeping problems. There are various reasons for this, of course, but have you ever considered the air quality in your bedroom? (more…)

Looking for greenspiration? Here are 6 great blogs about houseplants

Sometimes, ideas just don’t easily come to mind. You want a room to look different, but where to start? Consider plants as a solution. (more…)

How to create an urban jungle in your bathroom

How to create an urban jungle in your bathroom

The urban jungle trend was a big hit in 2017 but it’s still going strong in 2018. You see it particularly in living rooms because that’s where you usually spend most of your time and can enjoy it most. But have you ever thought of turning your bathroom into an urban jungle? (more…)

Here are the 10 newest Anthuriums for use as pot plants and cut flowers

Several new Anthurium varieties have been developed lately. Each and every one is special, distinctive and useful for various purposes whether it be a grand arrangement or a modest bouquet. To keep you both informed and inspired, here are the 10 newest Anthurium varieties for use as pot plants and cut flowers! (more…)

Romanticism in Keukenhof: the world’s largest spring-flowering park

If you’re passionate about flowers and plants, you won’t want to miss a visit to Keukenhof. Although Keukenhof is famous for its fantastic tulip displays, it also has much more to see and enjoy. (more…)

6 Instagram accounts full of inspiration for plant lovers

6 Instagram accounts full of inspiration for plant lovers

Instagram is the perfect place to get lost for hours as you scroll through all those beautiful pictures. Here you can find lots of large communities made up of people who have the same interests. Plants are one of them. Could you use a little #plantspiration? Here are six Instagram accounts for plant lovers. (more…)

Propagate Anthuriums

How to propagate anthuriums by cuttings?

Do you have an anthurium plant that’s so pretty that you’d like to have another just like it? Well, you can, just by taking a cutting from the one you have. It’s easier than you might think – and fun to do, too! (more…)