After a fascinating exploration of Anthurium flowers, the time has come to reveal the source of these stunning creations: the Anthurium plant itself. Although the flowers and plants share the same origin, the plant harbours a treasure trove of unique properties that often go unnoticed. In this next chapter, we take you on a journey from the deepest roots to the lush flowers, to reveal the enchanting world of the Anthurium plant. Step inside this story, where every root and every flower tells its own story.

From Roots to Flowers

Enduring Beauty

Anthurium pot plants distinguished themselves by their remarkable shelf life. With their unique characteristics and care, they thrive ever so well in their pots, resulting in prolonged flowering that can last for months on end. The concentrated energy the plant has built up in the pot makes all this possible. Because they grow in a pot, Anthuriums can use their resources more efficiently, and achieve an impressive flowering period. With proper care, such as regular watering and well-balanced exposure to light, Anthuriums in pots can maintain their beauty and flowering for up to six months. These properties make them not only an elegant addition to any interior but also a sustainable choice for the long term.

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from roots to flowers
Image: Cinefleur

Caring for the Anthurium Plant

Although maintaining the beauty and vitality of an Anthurium pot plant requires some attention and dedication, the rewards are more than worth it. Place the pot in an area with indirect light, to avoid direct sunlight that can damage the leaves. Anthuriums thrive at a moderate room temperature: between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. Watering them regularly but sparingly is essential. Allow the top layer of potting soil to dry slightly between watering sessions to prevent the roots from suffocating. Anthuriums appreciate high humidity, especially in drier climates. Occasional misting or a humidifier can help with this. It is also recommended to give the Anthurium pot plant a mild, balanced plant food once every two months to support growth and flowering.

Images: Cinefleur

Sustainable and Air-Purifying

Anthurium pot plants not only stand out with their beauty but also because they contribute to a more sustainable living environment. With their longevity and ability to flower for months, they reduce the need for frequent replacement. What’s more, Anthuriums are inherently efficient air purifiers and thus contribute to a healthier indoor climate. The ability of these plants to adapt to a variety of environments also makes them more energy efficient when it comes to care. In terms of cultivation, many nurseries are now focusing on sustainable practices. They implement environmentally friendly methods such as water recycling and organic crop protection to minimise environmental impact. Anthurium pot plants contribute to this shift towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

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Stay tuned for even more insights, stories and hidden features about Anthuriums. Take a journey of discovery with Anthuriums, step by step.

Source: Cinefleur