Anthurium plants are flowering houseplants with special characteristics. They are easy to care for, bloom for a long time and, above all, have an air-purifying effect. Anthuriums clear the air of toxic substances and even secrete substances, that eliminate moulds and viruses. They ensure a healthier environment and a better air humidity.


A healthy living environment

Anthurium plants in the home or in the office turn CO2 into oxygen, purify the air naturally and ensure a good indoor climate. They create a pleasant working and living environment, not only thanks to their long-term ornamental value, but also because they continuously purify the air and improve humidity. Artificial climate control is therefore no longer necessary, which saves energy costs.

How many plants do you need to purify the air?

In order to have a sufficiently positive effect on the living environment, it is important to place several plants in a room. The leaf surface of the Anthurium determines the air purifying capacity of the plant. You need one Anthurium plant in a 14 cm pot per 4m to sufficiently purify the air. With just one plant per office you can provide a pleasant working environment in which people can work comfortably in deep concentration.

Where to buy

Anthuriums are available in many locations: garden centers, florists, supermarkets and other retail outlets. Click here for the online selling points of Anthuriums.

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