A healthy living environment with Anthuriums: what’s not to like? In addition to being a sight for sore eyes, these stunning plants are also a powerful air purifier. Read this blog to discover how Anthuriums support a healthy living environment – from living rooms to bathrooms – and how they go together beautifully with other air-purifying plants.

A Healthy Living Environment

Healthy Air, Happy Life

Anthuriums are air-purifying plants, and we can’t stress often enough how important this is for a healthy living environment. These plants have a natural capacity to purify the air around them of harmful substances. These substances can be generated by everyday sources such as paint, furniture, carpets and even cleaning products. The leaves and roots of Anthuriums absorb these harmful substances and break them down into safer compounds, making the air in your home cleaner and healthier.

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a healthy living environment
Images: Diyou

In addition, the air-purifying effect of Anthurium plants also offers other health benefits. Research shows that having air-purifying plants in your home can help reduce stress and increase productivity. What’s more, greenery also gives you a happy feeling. As a result, the Anthurium is a beautiful addition to your interior, but also a functional choice for a healthy living environment.

Pure Air Throughout your Home

The air-purifying effect of Anthuriums is not limited to the living room; the plant is also a valuable addition to your bedroom or bathroom. Placing an Anthurium in the bedroom naturally promotes a healthy and fresh sleeping environment, which helps you get a good night’s sleep. What’s more, the plant’s cheerful colour ensures that you wake up with a smile in the morning. The bathroom is another ideal spot for this air purifier. Anthuriums originally hail from the tropics and will thrive in a warm climate with high humidity. That is why they do well in the bathroom, where humidity is often higher than in other parts of the house.

Image: Diyou

The more, the better!

Anthuriums also combine beautifully with other air-purifying plants, such as the Areca palm, the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), and the Rubber Fig (Ficus Elastica). It has been proven that the more air-purifying plants you put in a room, the more the air is purified. A healthy living environment and a green oasis all rolled into one!

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