No matter whether it is clothing, household appliances, flowers or plants, trendwatcher Sandra Könings always adds a personal touch – always looking for ways to make products more beautiful. From the very first day that Sandra left the Arts Academy in 1959, she has viewed the world through consumer-oriented eyes. By totally putting aside her own tastes, she can step into the shoes of the most diverse focus groups. Children, men or women? Sandra glides smoothly from the one group to the other – and can easily she see herself as part of any group. She can shift effortlessly from the conservative homemaker to the most striking bling-bling woman.

The New Lighting

That ‘eyes-wide-open’ view enables her to see trends in the making – and advise companies about them. She compiles a trend book twice a year, about which she also gives lectures. For 2015, she has again pinpointed several new developments. Sandra: ‘The overall Zeitgeist is the “the new lighting”. With all kinds of new technologies – led lamps, for example – lighting is going to play a prominent role. And so too will reflection. That means that mirrors in all shapes and forms will set the trend.’


Sandra has elaborated her vision for 2015 in six themes that all begin with the letter ‘c’. Under ‘comic book’, for example, she sketches the new silliness in terms of outlandish spectacles and making daft ‘selfies’ with your smart phone. And under ‘comfy care’ she envisons a cosy, pampering world in which pastel colours and softness predominate.

A Plant with Reflection

Anthurium lovers are going to experience a wonderful 2015. In Sandra’s view, this plant fits the spirit of the age perfectly. ‘It is a plant that shines brightly, harbouring many reflections. It dovetails nicely.’ Just as bright red types blend with the times, so do pastel-coloured varieties. Sandra predicts that coloured Anthuriums are going to do well. ‘City jungle’ is one of her themes, which incorporates coloured plants with good colour gradient. ‘A blue Anthurium, for example, with multiple-coloured leaves. Magnificent, isn’t it? It looks like a parrot and makes you wonder out loud: from which jungle did you come?’

Sandra Könings has worked for Peek & Cloppenburg and WE, for example. Since 2006, she has had her own office, Trendlogic. She is a consultant for ETAM, HEMA, breeders and supermarkets, among others. With designers, she offers a collection or design that fits the brand in question.