Now that working from home is increasingly the norm for many people, having a healthy and ergonomic workspace there is also important. Plants in your workspace can play a positive role in this. The Anthurium, for example, has a big heart for the business… Recent research by Wageningen University & Research shows that the Anthurium has excellent air-purifying properties, so it positively contributes to a healthy living environment. This house plant – which can be recognised by its coloured, heart-shaped spathe – is therefore ideal for the workplace, either at home or in the office. What’s more, an Anthurium, also known as flamingo plant, flowers for months on end.

Anthurium: a perfect plant for the workplace


Plants absorb harmful substances from the air through their green leaves. These are stored and broken down in the plant and the root system. Researchers conducted a laboratory test to map out precisely what effect an Anthurium has on the indoor climate. The result: Anthurium filters more than 50% of harmful substances within 24 hours and almost 100% in three days. And in return, the plants give off oxygen. The larger the plant, the greater the effects. Additionally, Anthuriums improves the relative humidity. This means that you are less likely to suffer from a dry indoor climate.

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The better the indoor climate, the better the effects on physical and psychological health. For example, you will have fewer symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and coughing. Previous studies also show that you feel better and are more productive when there are plants in the workplace. Needless to say, the same is true for the rest of the interior as well.

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Months of colour

Besides being functional, the Anthurium also has decorative value. This can be found not only in its fresh green leaves but also in the striking, colourful spathes. The best-known colours are red, white and pink, but bicoloured or dark purple (almost black) Anthuriums are also available. There are hundreds of varieties in different sizes (from 15 to 150 cm high). The actual flowers are on the spadix that protrudes from the spathe. An Anthurium has a flowering period of several months. If you remove the dead flowers (including the stem), new ones will appear within months. An Anthurium can have up to three flowering periods per year.

Anthurium: a perfect plant for the workplace
Photo: Breathe & Bloom


Anthuriums are indoor plants that are easy to care for:
Place Anthuriums in a spot with sufficient daylight (not in the full sun in spring and summer).
Give them a splash of water once a week (if the potting soil feels slightly moist it is fine).
Pamper the Anthurium with some fertiliser once every two weeks.

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