Do you have an Anthurium plant that’s so pretty that you’d like to have another just like it? Well, you can, just by propagate Anthuriums by cuttings. It’s easier than you might think – and fun to do, too!

Propagate Anthuriums by cuttings

To grow an Anthurium from a cutting, cut a stem from the plant and trim off all the leaves close to the stem. Then cut the stem into a number of pieces, each of which has to have at least one eye (leaf bud). Then stick the pieces in an upright position in a pot containing a loose, well-draining mixture of half sand and half peat and preferably cover the cuttings with a translucent plastic foil. Keep the potting soil somewhat moist and best at a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees C. The cuttings should start to develop roots and leaves within a few weeks. Once the small plants are large enough to handle, transplant them to larger pots.

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How to propagate Anthuriums by cuttings?
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Propagating an Anthurium in water

Another way of cutting an Anthurium is in water. The first step is – again – cut a stem from the plant and trim off all the leaves close to the stem. But instead of putting the cuttings in pots, you now put them in jars or glasses with water. The bottom of the cuttings should be completely submerged in water. Make sure that the leaves do not get flooded, otherwise it’s possible that they will rot. Then place the cuttings in a bright spot.

After a few weeks you will see that roots are growing. How fast this happens depends on the season, the temperature and the amount of light. When the roots are long and firm, you can put the cuttings back in soil. But if you like the Anthurium in water, you can also leave it like that!

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How to propagate Anthuriums by cuttings?
Picture: Judith Home

Caring for your young Anthurium plants

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