When you return home from holiday, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking to see how your plants are doing. Did they survive without you? With a bit of planning ahead, you can ensure that your plants get enough water while you’re away, without relying on neighbours, family, or friends. In this article, we’ll share a watering system for your plants that you can make yourself! This way, your plants will easily survive your holiday.

Thanks to this trick, your plants will survive your holiday

This watering system is easy to make and doesn’t require many materials!


  • A plastic bottle (one per plant)
  • A small drill

How to create a watering system for your plants

First, fill the plastic bottle with water. Then, drill a small hole just below the cap. Next, place the bottle upside down in the soil of your plant. Make sure the hole is at the bottom, touching the soil. If done correctly, the bottle will not empty immediately but will release water slowly over the coming week. Repeat this process for each plant!

Watch this video to see how to make the watering system:


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