Valentine’s Day, the day on which we have 24 hours to show how much we appreciate the ones we love. There could be no other flower more associated with this day than the rose. But… did you know that the Anthurium is absolutely perfect for showing your love on Valentine’s Day? Here are four reasons why the Anthurium makes the ultimate flower or plant for Valentine’s Day.

4 reasons why Anthuriums are perfect for Valentine’s Day


If you send roses on Valentine’s Day, you know that – even with the best of care – they won’t last longer than a week. Not so with Anthuriums! An Anthurium will last longer in a vase than any other flowers – often for weeks at a time. By refreshing the water every week and trimming a centimeter from the stem, Anthuriums can easily last for 2 – 3 weeks. The pot plants can even be in bloom all year long. No wonder they are known as the longest-flowering houseplant. By fertilising them once in a while and repotting them once a year, they can be making a beautiful flower display for years.

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Two gifts in one

It’s common practice on Valentine’s Day to combine roses with another gift such as jewellery, chocolates or a teddy bear. But did you know that you can use Anthuriums to make wonderful accessories like a brooch, corsage or a hair decoration? It’s like giving two gifts in one!

Say it with flowers

The Anthurium was first discovered by explorers in South America, so it’s originally a tropical flower. The Anthurium flower (actually its spathe) is shaped like a heart. It’s this unique heart shape and tropical origins that make the Anthurium a symbol of exotic beauty. When you give the Anthurium as a gift, it’s the ultimate expression of love for your Valentine.


4 reasons why the anthurium makes the ultimate flower or plant for Valentine's Day

One-of-a-kind gift

Are you a gifted poet or someone of few words? On ‘chalkboard pots’, you can get your own message across. These pots include a special chalk paint you can use to write this. Then fill this pot with an Anthurium in your Valentine’s favorite colour and surprise him or her in an original way. Now, if that isn’t true love, what is?


4 reasons why the anthurium makes the ultimate flower or plant for Valentine's Day
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