Ginger Gold is the color of the year 2022, according to the Dutch hardware store Karwei! A spicy and natural shade, that makes every interior sparkle. The color fits perfectly into different interior styles, such as bohemian, industrial or vintage. You can use it in different ways too, whether you want to use it as a base color or as an accent. Read more about the trend color in this article and get inspired!

Color of the year 2022: Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold is a warm color that’s close to nature and brings peace and warmth to your home. Therefore, nature was the biggest source of inspiration for this beige-yellow color. By applying natural tones in your interior, you bring this peace and warmth of nature into your home. This makes it a safe and comfortable place where you want to be and can concentrate.

Ginger Gold is the color of the year 2022 according to Karwei

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In your interior

Ginger Gold goes very well with many different colors. Do you find it difficult to combine colors? Have a look at the following examples.

White brings peace to a room and symbolizes a new beginning. The combination of Ginger Gold with shades of white creates a warm atmosphere and depth in every room.

Karwei color palette of 2022

Deeper colors or designs immediately create peace in your home. Examples of this are the green Forest Pine Green and the earth tones Mushroom Beige and Brandy Brown. This combination takes you back to a lively forest for a moment. By combining the trend color with a deeper color, you emphasize the tranquility of a room. The darkest color from the trend palette of 2022, Industrial Black, is a real statement color.

Ginger Gold is the color of the year 2022 according to Karwei


The golden color radiates warmth and luxury. So if you do want to use it but prefer something less noticeable, it’s perfect as an accent color! For example in a plant pot:



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