Of course, we give presents on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. But on these moments it’s pretty much expected. Sometimes it is nice to surprise someone with a gift on a day when they don’t expect it at all.So here are 5 original gift-giving days to surprise that special someone with an unexpected bouquet or plant. Which you can write down in your calendar straightaway!

1. Houseplant Appreciation Day – January 10th

Houseplant Appreciation Day is all about bringing the joy and pleasure associated with houseplants into your home. This day was introduced to remind people of the advantages of houseplants. It makes Houseplant Appreciation Day the perfect occasion to create a more inviting home with the colourful green glow of a houseplant. It’s also an especially good opportunity to give an Anthurium as a gift to someone who doesn’t have green fingers. The lucky recipient won’t have much at all to do in the way of care, and an Anthurium is also the longest-flowering houseplant. Who wouldn’t appreciate this gift?

5 anthurium gift-giving days to note on your calendar

2. Floral Design day – February 28th

The sky’s the limit for designing with flowers! Floral Design Day is about appreciating floral design as a unique and creative art form. Today, you have a very good excuse to let your inner creativity loose on a spectacular floral design. Just think about all the things you can do with flowers: make a corsage, dry some flowers for framing, or create a floral wreath for your hair. And these are just a few ideas. But why celebrate this day alone? Give your creation as a gift to someone special. Or, maybe even more fun: make an original floral artwork together.

3. International Women’s Day – March 8th

Mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends and fiancées: what would we do without them? We have a lot to thank these women for. On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the history of women that emphasises important events, milestones and achievements. Naturally, this day is also the perfect occasion to show the special women in your life how much you respect and appreciate them. And what could be a better way to do this than with a beautiful bouquet?

4. Plant a flower day – March 12th

Plant a Flower Day was introduced to consider the role of plants and flowers in the world and the need to maintain their colourful beauty. The best ways to celebrate Plant a Flower Day would be to give someone a (flowering) plant as a gift or to plant one yourself. March is the best time for this, so make good use of your spring holiday to sow some seeds in your garden. Wouldn’t it be nice to give this as a present to your neighbour or another special someone? And when needed, don’t forget to transplant all your pot plants in your home to a larger pot. Here’s the best way to do this.

5 anthurium gift-giving days to note on your calendar

5. Administrative Professionals’ Day – April 24th

What would we do without administrative professionals? Just think about all the paperwork that wouldn’t have been done, the phone calls that would never have been made, and the jokes about secretaries that never would have been made up. All good reasons for celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Day (also known as Secretaries’ Day) on 25 April. This is the day when all administrative professionals are praised for all the hard work they have done all year long, so show your appreciation with the most beautiful bouquet you can find. Or, even better: a houseplant with a long, long flowering period that can be enjoyed the whole year!