If you spend a lot of time at home, you can get fed up with your interior after a while. Next to that, a new season has started, so it’s time to update your interior for summer! You don’t have to do anything major, as changing a few designs, adding a few things here and there can make a huge difference already. In this article we’ll share 3 easy and inexpensive ways to give your interior an update.

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Ways to update your interior for summer


Some fresh summer flowers or a new plant will instantly brighten up any room. Do you want a bigger change? Get a large plant and make it the statement piece of your interior. Hello urban jungle vibe! Prefer a smaller change? Give the plants that you already have new plant pots, or place them in a different spot in the house. Not enough space? Consider a plant hanger, which allows you to hang your plant from the ceiling.

Less is more

You know what they say: a tidy house is a tidy mind. And nothing says spring is here better than the spring clean. So go through your stuff and throw away anything that no longer makes you happy. Also, get rid of all the accessories you used in the winter months, like blankets and faux fur. Make sure that everything in your house belongs somewhere and that there is as few clutter lying around as possible. In addition, the eye-catchers in the house get all the attention, instead of magazines or other clutter.

10x anthuriums in een bohemian interieur
Picture: Judith Home

New pillowcases

Another simple trick for an interior update is to change the pillowcases on the couch. Put away all the dark colors that you loved  for the cozy warmth they gave during the winter, and replace them for fun spring patterns, bright colors, and light fabrics. This creates a completely different atmosphere, especially if you combine them.

Spiced Honey
Picture: Styled by Sabine

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