The first day of spring is only in a few weeks, but that doesn’t stop us from already bringing spring into our homes! And a nice way to do so, is with a colorful spring floral arrangement. Flowers and plants symbolize spring, because it’s when everything starts to bloom again! That’s why we’ll share a few tips on how to make a beautiful spring floral arrangement with Anthuriums.

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A colorful spring floral arrangement with Anthuriums

When you think of spring, you think of bright colors. And because the Anthurium cut flower comes in so many different colors and shapes, it’s ideal to use in a spring floral arrangement. It’s available in the shape of a heart, tulip and ribbon. As a result, this versatile flower matches any interior! Decide which two or three colors you want to use for your spring arrangement, and complement that with leaf green and flowers in neutral colors. This way everything fits well together, but the main colors are the eyecatchers.

Een kleurrijk lente-arrangement met anthuriums maken

Zo maak je zelf een kleurrijk lente-arrangement met anthuriums

Een kleurrijk lente-arrangement met anthuriums maken

When choosing colors, also consider the Pantone trend colors of 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Especially Illuminating is a perfect spring color. It provides a little sunshine in the house, and literally lights up the room! For example, combine yellow with green for a colorful spring floral arrangement.

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Picture: Anthura

Een kleurrijk lente-arrangement met anthuriums maken

Dried flowers were a hype last year, and they’re on trend this year too! Combine them with fresh flowers in a spring floral arrangement:

Een kleurrijk lente-arrangement met anthuriums maken

Step by step instructional video

Need more inspiration? Watch this step by step instructional video to make a unique, floral spring arrangement with Anthuriums: