If we could, we’d have plants all through the house. In the living room, of course, but also in the hall, the bedroom and the bathroom. And why not in the kitchen as well? All you have to do here is keep in mind the light and humidity levels. To help you get started, we went to Instagram for inspiration. Here are some examples of how inviting your kitchen will look and hopefully how you can add plants to this room.

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Plants in the kitchen

This plant-filled kitchen has to be the dream of anyone who loves plants. Placing the plants in front of a white background and adding wooden accessories makes them stand out even more.

Do you have a small kitchen? Place an Anthurium plant growing in water there. A transparent pot revealing roots that you can almost see through retains a spacious effect.

Another way of using plants in the kitchen is by grouping several of them in footed pots. This is a great way of saving space in the kitchen while making it a place to enjoy:

And don’t forget that every little spot can be used. What about the windowsill?

And you don’t have to limit yourself to plants either. The kitchen is also the perfect place for flowers!

But what if you don’t have any space at all for plants in your kitchen? In that case, you could still decorate the table with cut flowers. What about inserting an anthurium flower along with a napkin in a napkin ring?

Need more inspiration? Take a look at this Pinterest board!