Father’s Day is just around the corner: Sunday 16 June. This is the day when we show one or more of the most important men in our lives how much we appreciate them. Although a gift of flowers comes to mind for Mother’s Day, we don’t often associate them with a gift for Father’s Day. But why not? You might choose somewhat different flowers for a man, but we can assure you that flowers will also please men! We have 3 tips for you.

No hassle

On average, women usually receive flowers more often. Most of them therefore know how to care for such a gift, but this isn’t true of most men. In general, men have a more practical attitude and would rather have a bouquet they can enjoy without that much hassle. A good reason to choose beautiful, long-lasting flowers. And…it might also be a good idea to include a pretty vase as a gift so that he really thinks of it as his.

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The kind of flowers

Here are some perfect flowers to give to a man:
• The Anthurium is the longest lasting cut flower of all and is also a symbol of exotic beauty. What could be nicer?
• Gerbera flowers require little water, have a long vase life, and won’t droop or topple over quickly.
• The Lily is a symbol of happiness and has both a delightfully sweet fragrance and a long vase life.
• Everyone knows that roses are a sign of love, so you couldn’t go wrong with them either.

And remember: If you think the flowers are beautiful, he probably will, too. And last but not least: it’s the thought that counts!