What if you receive flowers but don’t have an empty vase to put them in? No problem: make use of this occasion to try something new for a change. Because by now we’re all familiar with arranging flowers in a vase! So here are 3 ways to get creative with cut flowers:

Just like a vase

Your house can offer more things than you think to serve as a vase. What about an empty liquor bottle? A dark brown Hendrick’s Gin bottle, for example, would make a nice contrast for holding a number of brightly coloured Anthurium stems. But you could just as easily use an empty wine bottle. Other options would include a canning jar, an empty tin, or even a teapot! Practically anything will do. Just try it and see if you like it.

A real centerpiece

Here’s a real joy to behold: anthuriums under a bell jar. This time, the best kinds to use would be the smaller varieties. Use little test tubes as a vase by holding them together with wire.

These little works of art from the world of nature will give any room a colourful exotic look
Het Groenlab

DIY with flowers

Are you feeling creative today? If so, use your flowers as part of a DIY project. Try your hand, for example, at making a special floral wreath as explained in this article. Or what about an underwater flower arrangement or a summer artwork using Anthurium stems and spheres on slender rods in various heights as shown in the picture above. Sure to brighten up the look of any home!

As decoration

You could also use the flowers as decoration: what about as part of a table setting for instance? This is sure to make a very inviting impression on your guests! An Anthurium is perfect for this since its sturdy leafless stem is firm enough for inserting into a napkin ring.

Anthurium als kerst tafelschikking
Seven Couches

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