December is the month to get together with friends and family for more elaborate dining. Using Anthuriums is an easy way to add a special touch to these gatherings. That’s because this colorful cut flower and houseplant is perfect for table decorations, no matter what the style: from lavish and elaborate to retro, and from minimalistic to romantic. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you a number of ideas for incorporating anthuriums in your holiday decorations.

Anthuriums to set a festive table

The anthurium makes a wonderful addition to a bouquet but also makes a statement all by itself. Its strong leafless stem makes it perfect for inserting under a napkin ring. Or use the Anthurium to set your table:

Use anthuriums to set your Christmas dinner table
Photo: Seven Couches

Or put an individual flower with a pretty ribbon and place a card together with a napkin on each plate.

Use anthuriums to set your Christmas dinner table
Photo: Enter My Ettic

After your dinner, you might want to enjoy your Anthurium flowers even longer: trim 5 centimeters from their stems and place the flowers in a clean vase filled with tap water. You can read more about caring for your Anthuriums here.