Vases are the finishing touch in any interior. They make the picture complete. Different flowers each week allow you to really ring the changes. But with several vases it becomes really easy to have something different. There are so many vase trends at present and I’ve been spotting them for you. So allow yourself to be inspired by the various possibilities and choose your favourite.

Mix and match

Flowers are indispensable in the home. They provide instant colour and pleasure in your interior. You can add them to a mixed bouquet, but they also look magnificent stood separately in a vase. It is great fun to be able to use various sorts of vases. But you can also use old glasses like a long-drinks glass or lemonade glasses. Are all the glasses different? Not a problem! For a whimsical effect, it’s a great idea to mix them up in height and width. As long as you put them together in a group, it still forms a whole. Just set them down however you fancy, pop in an anthurium and there you are!

From old to new

Another attractive vase trend at the moment is bottle vases. These are transparent, glass vases that always fit in your interior in various colours and shapes. Of course, you can buy theme in the shop, but you can make them yourself from old milk bottles or rummage for something out of the ordinary at a car boot sale. One flower in each vase or you could go for a big showy bunch of wild flowers.



A vase for each flower

By using contrasting colours you can make the vases stand out. Or have them merge into their surroundings by using tone-on-tone. As the long stalk of the anthurium has no leaf, the flower draws all the attention and you have instant impact. It’s also very easy to vary the length of the stalk to create height differences – ideal for low vases or glasses.

Long enjoyment

One of the advantages of the anthurium is that it lasts long in a vase. Just cut about 5 cm off the bottom of the stalk after buying and put them in a clean vase, and you can easily enjoy your flowers for two weeks. Refresh the water in the anthurium vase about once a week and at the same time cut 1 cm off the stalk. The anthuriums will then last longer in the vase.

In short, with flowers you can do all sorts of things and express your own style. Don’t feel like doing it all yourself? You can always go to the florist in your neighbourhood.