If there’s one month when you’re likely to wrap a lot of presents, it’s December. So how nice is it to pay more attention to gift wrapping than usual? We came up with a few ideas for wrapping Christmas presents with Anthurium flowers. Happy customers are guaranteed!

Christmas presents with Anthurium flowers

Sustainable wrapping

Using a pretty cloth instead of wrapping paper is a sustainable way to wrap a Christmas gift. Maybe you still have one lying around the house, otherwise, you can find one at a vintage store or choose a nice one at a fabric store. Wrap the gift in it, tie it and place a flower in between! This way you actually have three presents in one, because both the flower and cloth can still be used.


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Stylish wrapped present

This wrapping technique may be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. And with great results! Add a eucalyptus leaf and an Anthurium flower and you have a super stylishly wrapped present.


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With bow and flower

The most traditional way to wrap a present is with a bow. But to make it extra festive, we use a ribbon with glitter and place an Anthurium flower in between.


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