People used to think that having plants in a bedroom wasn’t such a good idea since plants release oxygen during the day but absorb it at night. Today, we know that the oxygen they absorb is minimal. An average bedroom contains about 5,000 litres of oxygen. While an adult inhales around 200 litres a night, a plant takes in 50 ml. – an insignificant amount. These days, it’s even said that having plants in a bedroom is beneficial. Find out the reasons why in this article.

Purifies the air

NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, conducted a study a number of years ago intended to discover the best methods of filtering the air in a space station. The findings showed that certain houseplants such as Anthuriums could neutralise toxic substances by means of natural processes. This means cleaner and fresher air in your bedroom.

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Increases humidity

Another reason why plants are beneficial in a bedroom is that they increase its humidity. This reduces the risk of respiratory infections and irritations. Brilliant!

Promotes relaxation

Plants have a relaxing effect that helps you sleep better. After all, the most important cause of sleeplessness is stress. Research has shown that being outside in a natural environment for longer periods reduces stress. So why not bring more of this natural environment indoors? In any case, you know it couldn’t do any harm.

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