Did you know that you can give an Anthurium flower a different color? By using a paint spray, you can give your Anthurium flower a makeover. Ideal if you have a theme party in a certain color. Or to make a damaged flower last longer! In this article you can read how to spray paint Anthurium flowers.

DIY: spray paint Anthurium flowers

To give an Anthurium flower a different color, you need the following:

  • Anthurium flower(s)
  • Paint spray in the color of your choice
  • Old newspaper

Use the newspaper to protect your table. Hold the Anthurium flower above it and use the spray paint. Place the flower on the newspaper to let it dry for a while. If needed, give it a second coat of paint. After five minutes of drying, you can place the flower in a vase.

Do you think one color is too boring? Use spray paint in different colors! Or spray one flower in two colors: cover half of the flower with an A4 sheet and spray the other half. The possibilities are endless!

DIY: Anthurium bloemen in een andere kleur sprayen

Watch this video to see how we did it:


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