Behind the beautiful Instagram page, MyHomeOfZodiac hides Thera. Almost daily, a photo or reel appears giving a peek into her home. Recently, the Anthurium plant was given a place in her interior. With a small twist; the plant was put on water. An Anthurium on water is also known as hydroponics. We asked Thera about the how and why.

Anthurium on water: hydroponics

How do you create an Anthurium on water?

Thera: “By putting plants on water you give them a trendy look. Not every plant is suitable for this technique, but Anthurium likes to have its roots in the water. In my opinion, a plant in a glass vase looks very cool! Besides, it is of course interesting to see the roots grow.”

  • In itself, it is not complicated and you can do it yourself just fine. This is how you go about it:
  • Take a clean, glass vase and check whether the Anthurium fits in it.
  • Rinse away the soil between the roots. Do this until all potting soil has disappeared.
  • Fill the vase with a little water and put the plant in it. The root ball does not have to be completely underwater!

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Check it out: Anthurium on water
Photo’s: My Home of Zodiac

How do you style the Anthurium in your interior?

Thera: “I chose to put the Anthurium in a ball vase of glass. I put the vase in a tall plant stand that I bought separately. This way, the plant is a real eye-catcher in our kitchen.”

Do you have any care tips?

Taking care of the Anthurium on water is simple:

  • Put the plant in a place with enough daylight, but not in full sun. Fortunately, in autumn and winter, the strength of the sun is not so strong, so a spot is quickly found!
  • Check the water level and top up if necessary.
  • Change the water every 3-4 weeks (or sooner if it is cloudy).
  • Add a drop of (liquid) plant food every time you change the water.

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