You can easily create an autumn interior by using dimmed lights, placing lots of candles and using soft fabrics. But Anthurium flowers and plants can also help with this! They are available in most autumn shades and in different styles. So there will be one for everyone. Read on for our tips!

An autumn interior with Anthurium flowers and plants

Anthuriums in autumn colours

The Anthurium is available in many different colours, including typical autumn colours. Think of burgundy, purple, green, yellow ocher and dark orange. By placing one or more Anthuriums in these colours in your interior, you immediately create an autumn atmosphere!

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Create an autumn bouquet

An autumn bouquet is an ideal way to create an autumn interior. You can combine all your favourite flowers and colours in it. And you can even incorporate a few leaves or branches that you found during a forest walk! Of course, you finish the bouquet by adding a few Anthurium cut flowers in pretty autumn colours, which are the eye-catchers of the bouquet.

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Herfst in een vaas: inspiratie voor een herfstboeket

Spray-painted Anthurium flowers, autumn edition

Spray-painted Anthurium flowers are trendy! Not because the flowers themselves don’t have a pretty colour – on the contrary – but just because it’s fun. By using spray paint, you can give the flowers a completely different look in no time. For example, what do you think of gold? It’s nice for the fall, but also for the upcoming holidays!

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Isn’t it cosy, an autumn interior with Anthurium flowers and plants? Check out this Pinterest board for more inspiration.