A fall bouquet is ideal to bring autumn colors into your home. Anthuriums come in all fall colors, so you can pick out your favorite ones. How about burgundy red, ocher yellow or brown? To help you on your way, we made a fall bouquet of Anthuriums, combined with a number of other flowers. Read on for our tips!

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Autumn in a vase

In a fall bouquet you can combine all your favorite colors and flowers. Make sure you have a mix of flowers in different shapes, sizes and heights for a nice effect. For this bouquet we used flowers in beautiful fall colors:

• Autumn branches
• Craspedia
• Artichoke branches
• Anthurium flowers


Herfst in een vaas: inspiratie voor een herfstboeket

How to make a fall bouquet

Start by looking for a vase that matches your flowers, and pour water in it. Cut off 1-2 cm from the bottom of the stems, possibly a bit more to create different heights. Remove any leaves from the lower part of the stems that would wind up below or just above the surface of the water. Then it’s time for flower arranging! We start with the autumn branches and craspedia, for a nice base. Add the artichoke branches, placing them diagonally in the vase. Finally, add the Anthurium flowers. Take a look at the flowers from a distance, adjust where necessary, and choose the most beautiful spot in the house!

Watch this video to see the steps:


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Herfst in een vaas: inspiratie voor een herfstboeket