Have you received (or bought for yourself) a nice bunch of cut flowers, and are they wilted and ready for the bin within a week? What a shame, especially when there’s a solution! If given the right care, you could enjoy them much longer. This is why we’re giving you some tips to make your flowers last longer. With these tips, cut Anthuriums will still be gorgeous even after two to three weeks in a vase!

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How to start

The best time to start is as soon as you’ve got your flowers home. Remove all the packaging material and rubber bands and, cutting at an angle, remove about five centimetres from the ends of the stems. This should be done because the cut ends form a seal if kept for even a few minutes out of water. After that, they won’t absorb enough water to keep them nice and fresh. Cutting at an angle means more surface area for absorbing water from the vase.

How to make a bunch of cut flowers last even longer
Photo: Bouquet Tales

Don’t be afraid to make the stems somewhat shorter since a long stem could make the distance too long for the water to travel upward. And trim the stems not with scissors but with a sharp knife to keep from damaging them.

Also remove leaves from the stems since bacteria can quickly grow when leaves fall beneath the surface of the water. This makes stems rot and makes flowers wilt prematurely.

Use a clean vase

Select a nice vase and wash it with water and soap, so you are sure there is no bacteria left in the vase from the previous flowers. Then fill the clean vase with fresh tap water and arrange the flowers. Flower food can be added but is not necessary.

The best spot

Find the best place in your home to put the flowers. Preferably, this would be a place that receives light but not direct sunlight. Keep them out of a draught and away from ripening fruit and a radiator.

Keep an eye on them

Replace the water about once a week and also trim a centimetre from the ends of the stems right before putting the flowers back in the vase. This way, you can enjoy your beautiful flowers longer while keeping the vase clean!

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