Taking beautiful pictures of flowers

We recently shared 6 Instagram accounts full of inspiration for flower lovers: each and every one is bursting with gorgeous original flower pictures. So captivating, they could almost make you jealous! But a few tips and tricks are all you need to take your own spectacular pictures of flowers – whether they’re for an Instagram account, to send to a friend, or so you can enjoy your flowers longer yourself. Whatever the reason, these tips can get you off to a good start!

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Carmen shows you all the things you can do with plants and flowers in the home. The possibilities are endless and for that you really don’t need to have green fingers!

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This creative all-rounder writes about the most interesting, most inspiring sustainable ideas with flowers and plants: from decorating your own vases with the children to hanging plants in the kitchen. All about green issues, and easy reading.

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As a passionate modern nurseryman Peter has a clear vision of what durable cultivation should be. His passion comes out in his blog when telling about the origin of the Anthurium, how to give the best care and the vast assortment.

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Hetty is the Anthurium ambassador. All the flowers and plants in Hetty’s home are in perfect condition. How does she do that? Hetty reveals her secrets and shares the best care tips and tricks.

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Cheerful, passionate, ambitious and always in search of interesting events and forms of recreation; that’s Jordy in a nutshell. As far as he’s concerned there will be no shops or restaurants in the near future without plants or flowers. This growing trend makes him very happy.

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This creative guy with his infectious enthusiasm has turned his passion into his work. Right from a young age Bob was passionate about plants and flowers; and he’s now been the owner of a flower shop for more than 15 years.

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How to make plants bloom again?

How to make plants bloom again?

You’ve probably had this happen before. You buy a beautiful plant expecting it to produce lots of flowers. However, except for a few little flowers, the rest won’t open. You don’t want to throw the plant away just yet, but it doesn’t look very appealing. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this problem! (more…)

Which cut flowers will last a long time?

When you buy a bunch of cut flowers, you want them to look beautiful for as long as possible. We’ve all had this happen at one time or another: we come home with a pretty bunch of flowers only to discover a few days later that they’ve already begun to wilt. What a shame! So, which cut flowers will last a long time? (more…)

3 tips to help your plants survive your holidays

3 tips to help your plants survive your holidays

If you love your plants, going on holiday is always a bit of a concern. How can you help them survive while you’re away? You certainly don’t want to return to a dead urban jungle. Fortunately, you can do a number of things to avoid this. (more…)

Three healthy resolutions for 2019 that are also great fun

The year 2019 is not so new any more, but fortunately that doesn’t mean it’s too late for resolutions. You can make them any time you want, especially when plants are involved.  (more…)

How to help your houseplants survive the winter: 3 tips

How to help your houseplants survive the winter: 3 tips

Caring for your houseplants during the summer is not that difficult. Simply place them in a location where they will receive enough light (but not in direct sunlight) and water them about twice a week. Winter, however, makes things more difficult.  (more…)

How to use anthurium fertiliser: here are some tips

Do you have a beautiful pot anthurium that’s no longer producing that many flowers? If so, it’s probably a good idea think about a fertiliser made especially for anthuriums since it contains essential nutrients and a rich blend of trace elements. (more…)

plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

4 plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant

Nowadays, we do a lot more with our phones than just calling and texting. We use them to take and share pictures, keep track of our schedules, take notes, play games, etc. Now, there’s yet another use for them: plant apps to help you identify and care for a plant! (more…)

How to make a bunch of cut flowers last even longer

Have you received (or bought for yourself) a nice bunch of cut flowers, and are they wilted and ready for the bin within a week? What a shame, especially when there’s a solution! If given the right care, you could enjoy them much longer.  (more…)

What should I do if my Anthurium plant is producing green flowers?

What should I do if my Anthurium plant is producing green flowers?

Anthuriums are very easy to care for. They demand so little to remain attractive for so long! Sometimes, however, their leaves can become discoloured, take on a different texture or look rather dull. (more…)

Anthurium potting compost: is it necessary?

Anthurium potting compost: is it necessary?

The Anthurium originated in tropical regions where it grows in a moist warm climate. The humidity in most living rooms, however, is very low. This is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Anthurium’s potting compost now and then. Here are some tips! (more…)

What to do when an Anthurium is attacked by disease or pests

The Anthurium is not that vulnerable to diseases but it can be subject to root rot or can become infested with aphids or scale insects. Here are some tips for the best measures to take in these cases: (more…)

How to Prune an Anthurium plant?

How to prune an anthurium plant

Anthuriums are long-lasting plants, especially when given the right care. When the plant has glossy green leaves and is producing new flowers, you can assume that it’s getting exactly what it needs. By pruning your anthurium now and then, you can enjoy it even longer. (more…)

Anthuriums are not only beautiful, they also ensure a healthier environment

Anthurium plants remove toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia from the air. They exude substances that kill moulds and viruses thus keeping us healthier. (more…)

Repotting your anthurium

Repotting your Anthurium

If your anthurium plant has grown too big for the pot, then repotting is a good idea. (more…)

What to do if the leaves of your anthurium become discoloured?

With the proper care and optimum conditions, a healthy anthurium has glossy, heart-shaped leaves. Sometimes, however, its leaves can become discoloured, take on a different texture and look rather dull. Here are the best solutions for discoloured leaves. (more…)


With the right care and regular fertilization, the anthurium plant produces new flowers throughout the year, but generally flowers for about three months.  (more…)

How to water your anthurium

How to water your anthurium

Anthuriums like water, but in moderation. In this article you will read how to water your anthurium potplant and cut flowers. (more…)

The best position for a happy Anthurium

Anthuriums like to stand in a very well lighted place, but do not like direct sunlight. (more…)