A spring flower arrangement instantly brightens up your entire home. You can buy one ready-made from the florist, or make one yourself! You will see, it’s more fun than you might think. Decide for yourself which flowers you choose, which colors, and how big the bouquet will be. We’ll help you on your way with the recipe for a spring flower arrangement in 3 easy steps!

A spring flower arrangement in 3 steps

The recipe for a spring flower arrangement includes three steps: buying flowers, preparing them and arranging them!

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Buying flowers

Buy the most beautiful spring flowers you can find. Think of a few Anthurium flowers in spring colors, and flowers and branches that serve as filler. Flowers that have small flowers, such as gypsophila, chamomile or delphinium, are a nice addition too. The more color and variety, the better! Also consider which vase you want to use and whether the flowers match.

Preparing the flowers

Before you start arranging the flowers, prepare them. Remove low hanging leaves, as they will mold when they’re under water. It also looks nicer, especially in a glass vase. Cut a few cm diagonally from the bottom of the stems. Make sure the vase is clean: with a little cleaning vinegar you ensure that it shines beautifully. Then fill it about halfway with water, so the flowers will remain beautiful for a long time.


Flower arranging

Start with one or a few large Anthurium flowers as a base, and put together the spring bouquet around it. Hold the first few stems in your hand, and when you are happy with the base, place them in the vase. Then add the rest of the flowers. You can cut other flowers with a thick bud or large flower shorter and place them on the outside of the spring flower arrangement. That way they stand out better. That’s it, your homemade spring flower arrangement is finished!

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