The new houseplant and urban garden shop Wildernis shows how well anthuriums fit into their range and interior. Let’s start with an introduction: Wildernis is a houseplant and urban garden shop in Amsterdam. We only stock products which have a link with all things green, in the broadest sense of the word – from garden tools to botanical prints and from organic soil to jewellery inspired by vegetables. Our range also includes plant hangers in all shapes and sizes, (gardening) books, unusual seeds and a lot of houseplants. Amidst all the greenery, Wildernis can also provide you with a cup of coffee and a tasty snack.

We started the shop because it simply didn’t exist. We did it purely on instinct. It has therefore become a spot that we like to go to ourselves: to get inspiration, to relax amongst the vegetation, but also to quickly pick something up that you need because your working on your garden or plants.

Gardening is peaceful

Plunging your hands in the soil or messing around with plants has a calming effect – we know that from experience. And that’s certainly something that all citydwellers could do with. Perhaps that’s why houseplants are right back in style. We spend all day staring at all kinds of screens: phone, iPad, computer. So how better to re-establish that connection with nature than by caring for your plants, experimenting with cuttings or whatever takes your fancy? It’s just as effective as yoga, that’s for sure.

Hanging plants

Wildernis is packed with standing and hanging houseplants. Those certainly include anthuriums, since they are strong, easy and attractive plants: a prerequisite in order to be allowed into our shop. If you opt for lighter colours, the plants work very well in a contemporary interior. And also: the more authentic, the better. Just look at Sanseveria or Dieffenbachia, which are also right back in vogue.

In our shop we display our plants hanging, both from the ceiling and the wall. That was popular in the 1970s, and is now coming back into fashion. Anthuriums also work very well in these retro plant hangers. Hang a number of plant hangers at different heights to give a playful effect. Of course you can also make a plant hanger like this yourself. And we want to display our plants as naturally as possible, which is why we chose these pots. Just look how beautiful the anthuriums look in them.