Did you know that there are more than 150 different types of Anthurium? Whether you like a simple and minimalist interior or colorful and bold. There is always an Anthurium that fits your style. We spotted this cheerful bouquet at Flower Factor and was made by Floral Designer Roos van Unen.

Do it yourself

Roos presented the Anthuriums in a surprising way. She reused wooden discs that was a left after when she drilled large holes for a different design and used these to create this lovely frame bouquet. Roos lets nothing go to waste! Effective right? Do you want to get started with this yourself? Look here for the Facebook livestream for the demonstration!


A frequently heard tip, but still good to repeat: always cut your anthuriums at an slanted angle. Then the flowers absorb more water and they will stay beautiful even longer. Do you know how you can enjoy your Anthuriums even longer? Cut about an inch of the stem every week and change the water. Normally Anthuriums will last for 2 – 3 weeks, but with this tip they will last an extra week!

Exotic flower

It’s exotic appearance already reveals it, but Anthuriums are originally tropical flowers. How much fun is it to bring a little sun into your house with this tropical eye catcher!

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