Sunday May 9 is Mother’s Day. The day when we celebrate all mothers. You know that plants or flowers are always a good gift for Mother’s Day. But which one really suits your mother? In this article, we hope to help you with that. This is how to choose the most suitable Anthurium for your mother!

The most suitable Anthurium for your mother

When choosing the most suitable Anthurium for your mother, first of all it’s helpful to know if she prefers to get flowers or plants. Does she like to arrange flowers or is she more of a plant mother? If she likes flowers, you can go to the florist to buy some Anthurium flowers. For Anthurium plants you can go to a plant store or garden center. Look for a nice plant pot as well, so that she can immediately place it somewhere nice.

Anthuriums are not only beautiful, they also ensure a healthier environment. The plants purify the air of toxic substances such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia. And that makes it an even better gift!

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A second thing to consider is the color of the plant or flowers. No idea what colors she likes? Then look at her interior and clothing style, these often give something away. You can choose from Anthuriums in pink, orange, purple, yellow, salmon, brown and even black. If you want to make it even more colorful, go for a variety with multi-colored flowers.

Hoe kies je de meest geschikte anthurium voor je moeder?

Hopefully you now know exactly which Anthurium(s) you can buy for your mother. Have fun giving them!